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Where are the Customers' Yachts?
How much are you paying for the investment advice that you receive? Follow the link above to understand how investment fees might represent the largest line item in your annual budget.

What is Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning?
Each individual situation is different. Thus, the scope of a financial plan will vary considerably among clients. This document helps outline the areas that are typically covered in a comprehensive financial plan.

Saving Investors From Themselves
Valuable advice from Jason Zweig on why 'following the crowd' is not in investors best interests.

5 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor
The financial-advice industry features a bewildering array of titles, designations and compensation structures. It's important to understand the differences and ask these key questions of prospective advisors.

Forbes Hourly Planners Directory

Integrated Financial Planning Solutions is proud to be included on the Forbes list of Hourly Planners.