People We Help

Clients of Integrated Financial Planning Solutions come to us with a variety of financial planning questions. Most realize the value of a plan and want to obtain competent advice from an experienced and qualified professional, while still retaining control of assets and decisions. They seek trusted partners to educate, empower and support them on their financial planning journey.


Integrated Financial Planning Solutions Clients

Do You Share Any of these Concerns?

Lack of Time or Expertise
  • Multiple retirement accounts among various institutions and past employers
  • Confusion over quarterly statements
  • Best investment strategies and funds

We can Troubleshoot, Clarify, and Streamline your finances.


Children's College Funds
  • College investment and saving options
  • Tax advantages of 529 Plan
  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Balancing retirement and education savings

Prepare now for your children's college planning.

Retirement on the Horizon
  • Will I need to work part-time?
  • When can I retire?
  • How do I invest before and after retirement?
  • How much can I safely withdraw from savings each month in retirement?
  • Sufficient savings for your retirement income objectives?

Enjoy peace of mind about your financial future.

Managing Investments
  • Concerned about fees paid in a low return environment
  • Need an objective analysis
  • In search of a new strategy after stock market meltdown

Acquire more information and education for financial adjustments ahead.

Understanding Insurance
  • Is my life insurance still necessary?
  • Are there lower-cost options that meet my needs?
  • Term or Permanent Insurance? Variable or Universal Life?
  • Long-term Care Insurance? What type?

We can help you clear up the foggy world of insurance.

Integrated Financial Planning Solutions Clients

From a single advice session to comprehensive guidance, we help navigate your path.

Guidance before meeting with your Attorney
  • Assistance understanding tools and techniques in Estate Planning
  • Reduce time spent with costly attorneys
  • Liaison between Attorneys, CPA, Trust Officer, and Life Insurance agent
Comfortable with Current Plan, interested in a Second Opinion
  • Ensure nothing has been overlooked
  • Be assured of complete Objectivity
  • Assess plan consistency with financial goal
  • Review all fees for potential savings

Receive a Second Opinion with Confidence – Your Best Interest is our sole goal.