Best Financial Planner in Goshen, IN
John Liechty
Integrated Financial Planning Solutions (An Indiana Registered Investment Advisor)
203 South Main St, Suite 2-A
Goshen, IN 46526 USA
Work 574-975-3682

Frequently Asked Questions

plus signWhat is financial planning?
plus signIsn’t financial planning just for people who have lots of money?
plus signDo you offer your services to businesses that would like to provide objective investment advice to their employees?
plus signWhat is “Fee-Only” financial planning and why should it be important to me?
plus signHow do I implement the recommendations you make for insurance or investments?
plus signHow do you price your financial planning services?
plus signWhat types of planning services do you offer?
plus signWhat is your investment philosophy?
plus signAre fees paid to your firm tax deductible?
plus signCan you describe your “7 Steps to Financial Success” Process?
plus signHow Can I get started?
plus signHow Much Savings Can I Realize from Hiring a Fee-Only Financial Planner to Assist me with Self-Directed Portfolio Management?